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Tips That Can Get You Started as a Night Photographer


Capturing a good detail photo in low light can be challenging for beginners even experienced photographers sometimes find it difficult to have a precisely detailed photo at a night. It requires careful manipulation of your ISO settings, aperture, as well as shutter speed and many other thing beginners have issues to master but when they do it again and again they master the art of night photography but before then it can be frustrating to have blurred unbalanced photos regardless of the model of the camera you have. However, if you have difficult shooting at night you can use the following tips to give basics that can get you started.


The first thing you need to have with you besides your camera is a strong tripod. This is because to capture a good detailed night photo requires long exposures from a steady camera. When selecting a sturdy tripod is advisable to choose aluminum made that is strong and light to hold heavy cameras, however, carbon fiber tripod is quite reliable for heavy cameras, light, and durable but it is relatively expensive compared to with other tripods. Make sure your tripod is straight by using a tripod’s bubble spirit level or use your camera’s virtual horizon to determine if your tripod is leveled.  Also imperative is to have a mini tripod to help you capture tricky angles. This gives you flexibility as there are places the standard tripod will not fit and you might want to take your shot from the ground or on a table, it is always good to be prepared. Learn how to install presets in lightroom today!


During night photoshoot use manual focus. It can be tempting to use autofocus because current cameras have what seems like reliable autofocus but it might not be reliable as you may think. Your camera will struggle to adjust at night because of low light. Therefore manually adjusting your camera ensures that the camera does not focus on any part besides the scene you are photographing. It is advisable to turn your manual focus to infinity which makes sure the scene your photographing is crisp and turn the live view mode and zoom in.  Make sure you magnify the item you want to be in focus, adjust until it’s sharp.  Be sure to view here!


It is also wise to keep your ISO numbers as low as possible, however, this might depend with the camera you are using, for high-end cameras, you may consider high ISO but with common cameras with limited light sensitivity range simply stick to a low ISO furthermore high ISO for these cameras increases the noise in your image. These are the basic tips that can get you started with your night photography. Know more about software at http://www.ehow.com/tech/computer-software/